Thursday, June 16, 2011



 So here I am... The Girl Named Fred

As a firm believer that kismet exits and is best reaped with preparation I am beginning this blog today.

There are many reasons that today is the reason I am beginning this blog rather than yesterday or tomorrow, but here are four which were most instrumental.

First, I began thinking about blogging quite some time ago and I thought, why? for whom? about what? to what end? where? who would read anything by a dork like me? 

.....and today I got an answer which brings me to the other three reasons...

Second, I began a course today with UF and Dr. D about Globalization in Art and for extra credit we may work on a blog daily about anything, so hence I have extra incentive to begin my blog.  I wanted to begin one anyway but needed an extra push.

Third,  I have another course this summer in studio art and I am reading a book I am actually not completely in agreement with called 'The Creative Habit' and while I find the author interesting, her life interesting, and her narrative about what has worked for HER interesting I find her stance on all things creative a bit one sided.  I am trying to remain openminded as I have not finished her book and as I feel there is great merit in other people's opinions and experiences.  While I profoundly disagreed with her on many issues, especially the need to deprive yourself/herself of movies, multitasking, numbers, and various other items for a week in order to properly prepare to be creative or be creative may prove practical for some, but her seemingly insistence that this works for all was off putting to those of us that thrive in what she may perceive as chaos and distraction.  What I did take away in a positive manner was her section on rituals.  She discusses her ritual of getting in a cab to go to the gym and while to some people this may seem trivial, but to those of us who struggle to get to a workout in the first place this is a major ritual.  This got me thinking.  Perhaps I do need a ritual to get my creativity going. FB is great for posting my musings on philosophical and artistic finds but it is not exactly the outlet I imagined and it is not a daily ritualistic search for that creative beginning of the day so this will be.  This brings me to why FB is brought up so much and the other person I have to thank along with many friends concerning the same....

Lastly,  A dear friend planted the seed a short while ago to begin a blog when I posted yet another post on FB about a philosophical issue, specifically, Sir Ken Robinson's YouTube Video, 'Do Schools Kill Creativity'  to which he wrote, "You should focus your energies in one consolidated place. Like maybe a blog or facebook page, so that you have an aggregation or a compendium - if you will - of your ideas, thoughts, musings and ponderances...jus' say'" (<----Kevin H.)

So it begins.

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