Sunday, May 13, 2012

Henry Miller and new Art

by: Bliss by Constantine Lvovich

“Nothing can be given or taken away; nothing has been added or subtracted; nothing increased or diminished. We stand on the same shore before the same mighty ocean. The ocean of love. There it is - in perpetuum. As much in a broken blossom, the sound of a waterfall, the swoop of a carrion bird as in the thunderous artillery of the prophet.

by: Dale Terbush

We move with eyes shut and ears stopped; we smash walls where doors are waiting to open to the touch; we grope for ladders, forgetting that we have wings; we pray as if God were deaf and blind, as if He were in a space. No wonder the angels in our midst are unrecognizable.
One day it will be pleasant to remember these things.”

by: Elena Dudina

― Henry Miller

I love this artist's interpretation of 'Angels and Demons too.... How true it is......

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