Sunday, October 16, 2011

Autism Poetry and Art

Stars In the Night, Dubai Autism Center, Patricia McGourty Palmer
The 37 multi-colored stars represent the 37 children enrolled in the School

Of a Statue
The statue cannot feel their eyes.
It cannot know they’re really there.
No biting word can draw it’s blood.
No hurtful glance can make it care.

The statue keeps its vigil there.
It watches with unseeing eyes,
It has no envy of the ones
Who scamper pointlessly around.

But then a pair of piercing eyes
Seek out the statue where it waits.
They gaze into its soul so still;
A stone tossed in the tranquil pond.

Hello there, says the pair of eyes,
What are you doing over here?
And would you like to join with us?
We’ve room for just one more, you see.

The statue slowly shakes its head,
And, setting loose the dust of years,
It makes an odd, uncertain sound
As if to say, you speak to me?

The pair of eyes will not relent,
And as they meet the statue’s own
It sees that there’s a face behind
The eyes; a face filled with concern.

The statue makes its mouth a smile
And says with manufactured strength,
I’m fine, I’m fine, don’t bother me.
I just prefer it over here.

The eyes and face are satisfied,
Receding into their bright world.
They leave the statue quite perplexed,
Its point of view all broken up.

Perhaps there something to be said
For that that’s called Humanity,
Perhaps its worth the pain for one
Who can’t fit in to nonetheless

Still seek the bright society
Of those who fit in all to well;
To seek to see and to be seen
As human.
Because some of them care.

Chicago Street, Stephen Wiltshire, UK

Panoramic of New York, Stephen Wiltshire, UK

Music of Beingness, Donna Williams

The Outsider, Donna Williams

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