Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ireland Calling!

It is quite fascinating to me the way people come into our lives and inspire us.  I responded recently to a post on Linkdin on TedTalks about poetry and met Jean Tubridy only a few days ago.  Through her emails and slideshow 'Ireland Calling!' I already have a strong sense of the importance of art and literature in her life and I am very happy to have crossed paths with her.  I would love to share her inspirations she sent in her life.  The slideshow is based on a Haiku-a-day and the Photography to go along..... I am sure you will enjoy this as much as I did.

Jean Tubridy, PhD Social Bridges and her Social Bridges Blog

"In terms of inspiration, I would have to say that it comes from my late parents - about whom I write on my blog. My mother was very much into writing and poetry and my father was a keen photographer. They both had a huge love of nature and what brought all this together for me was reading Cicero's book, On a Life Well Spent (written in 50BC) shortly after my mother died in 2009. Cicero, as I have written on the blog under 'Losing Elderly Parents,' stressed the way in which life should be seen in seasonal terms and death in old age, for example, is like death in winter. I became acutely aware of nature through reading Cicero and after my Father died - just 16 months after Mother - I decided to bring together their love of words and poetry using Cicero's emphasis on the seasons (which was something both my parents were keenly interested in anyway.) Mailing the slideshows about Ireland makes me immensely proud of this country and its beauty but it is also a way of enabling me to use the talents I inherited from my parents and in many ways allows me to feel a great sense of connection to them.

I am in the process of writing a book about all this and have given a number of lectures about the impact of Cicero's approach in helping me to cope with losing my parents.

I hope this helps and thanks for your enthusiasm. The slideshows, as you can see, mean a lot more to me that just plain slideshows! Ideally, I would like to be able to produce them on a commercial basis but even without that I gain hugely from making them and also feel that they promote Ireland in a way which is non-stereotypical." ~ Dr. Jean Tubridy, PhD  

Thank you Jean, fred

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