Sunday, May 6, 2012

Lost Footsteps

Lost Footsteps, Charcoal, Zindy D. Nealson 

I can't feel you anymore
Time has erased our past
Nothing but a memory
But I'll keep looking
Forever I'll be searching
For your lost footsteps. 

~ From Zindy's FB page... this is just beautifully profound

Charcoal, 30x40 cm | 12x16"

I love how we are all so connected even though we are all scattered around the world.... I came across Zindy's work by way True Art Gallery which I found by way of another friend, Brian aka Pixel Chemist and I was just awestruck by this drawing. I linked her website to her name in the caption so that if you enjoy her work as much as I did and want to purchase any you may find her there.  To see more and read more she also has a Facebook page under Zindy S. D. Nielsen. Thank you all for sharing your art and thereby your hearts and souls with us.... the girl named fred

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