Friday, September 21, 2012

'InThoughts' and I dreamed this dream and I still dream of it ~ Tarkoysky

Florian Imgrund, InThoughts 

I dreamed this dream and I still dream of it
and I will dream of it sometime again.
Everything repeats itself 
and everything will be reincarnated,
and my dreams will be your dreams.

Florian Imgrund, InThoughts - Nature
There, to one side of us, to one side of the world
wave after wave breaks on the shore:
there's a star on the wave, and a man, and a bird,
reality and dreams and death - wave after wave.

Florian Imgrund, InThoughts - Nature
Dates are irrelevant. I was, I am, I will be.
Life is a miracle of miracles, and I kneel
before the miracle alone like an orphan,
alone in the mirrors, enclosed in reflections,
seas and towns, shining brightly through the smoke.

Florian Imgrund, InThoughts - Nature

A mother cries and takes her baby on her knee.

Florian Imgrund, InThoughts

~ Poetry by Arseny Tarkovsky
translated by Richard McKane, taken from 99 Poems in Translation: An anthology, eds, Harold Pinter, Anthony Astbury and Geoffrey Godbert, London, faber and faber, Greville Press, 1994
~ Artwork by Florian Imgrund

Artist Statement, Florian Imgrund, "The unique charm of analog photographs connected with the original handcraft of photography fascinates me. After I got my first analog camera in summer of 2010 I started shooting more and more. This growing portfolio is the result of my passion. All of these photographs are captured on film, self developed and without any computer manipulation. I hope you‘ll enjoy it."

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