Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How Joyful is the Garland..... Michelangelo 1507

Francois Boucher with Europa

'How joyful is the garland finely tressed
with flowers linked to crown her golden hair,
each pressing close upon the one before
to kiss her head, vying to be the first!

Happy all day the gown that clasps her breast
and then below floats freely to the air,
and that spun gold, the net delighting where
it touches cheeks and neck and never rests.

But surely happier the ribbon placed
with golden tips in a such a lucky manner
to press and touch the breast where it is laced.

And round her waist the simple girdle seems 
to whisper low: here let me cling forever.
Just think what I could circle with my arms.'

Michelangelo 1507

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