Monday, August 15, 2011

The Titan Prometheus

The Torture of Prometheus,1819, Jean-Louis-Cesar Lair , Musee Crozatier
In Greek mythology Prometheus, a Titan, was the son of Lapetus and Themis.  Prometheus, known for his wily intelligence,  greatest crime in Zeus' eyes was stealing and giving man fire as well as championing on the side of men.  Zeus being the father of the gods and ruler of Mount Olympus and the Sky punished Prometheus for his theft and treachery by chaining him and having an eagle eat his liver daily only for it to regenerate for the next day's torment.

Prometheus Bound is found in many of the Greek tragedy poems and plays and one of the best was attributed to the tragedian Aeschylus chronicling the punishment by Zeus.  Aeschylus adds in to Prometheus' role (Titanomachy) that he also taught humans the arts - writing, math, agriculture, medicine, and science.  Prometheus was also found in 4th CE place including such as Aesop and Ovid in the creation of the human race in which Prometheus decided to give humans fire and the arts.....

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