Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Give Back, O Silver Stream and Fountain Bright.... Michelangelo

    Give back, O silver stream and fountains bright,
the constant spring you borrowed from my eyes,
the power not yours that makes you swell and rise,
the flow that nature never made so great.
     And you, dense air, that shade the heavenly light
from these sad orbs and thicken with my sighs,
restore them to the heart that weary lies,
clear your dark faces to my new sharpened sight.
     Now let the earth give back my foot's hard print
that grass may grow on what was trodden bare,
echo, long deaf, send back my loud lament; 
     and may your holy lights at last set free
my longing looks to sometime love another
beauty, since you have no delight in me.

Probably to T. C.

Buonarroti, Michelangelo. "Poems". Michelangelo; Poems and Letters. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by    Anthony Mortimer. London, England: Penguin Classics, 2007.

No matter who Michelangelo's heart belonged to his works were rarely rivaled.  His sketches are quite telling of the amount of time and attention given to his art, which I suspect was is true love before all else.....

Ideal Head, Michelangelo. Print available by appointment at the Ashmolean Museum  print room by appointment http://www.ashmolean.org/departments/westernart/printroom/collections/?s=Michelangelo

Ideal Head of a Woman, Michelangelo, Drawing, British Museum

Study of A Head, Michelangelo

A Youth Beckoning, Pen and brown ink on paper. c. 1504-05. The British Museum, London 

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